Put Cash In Your Pocket

The average Conego private office earns $650 per month. WIth just one space rented, you could replace 34 inkjet cartridges.
Let your unused space work for you.


Run your business,
leave the real estate to us

We bet you crush it in your fiels. We would never tell you how to run your business. Well, we're experts in Real Estate and our team is ready to rent your space; hassle free, You'll enjoy a simple transacton with standard legal agreements, non-negotiable prices and direct deposit to your bank account.

Adapt to your needs

Our agreements offer endless flexbility. Need the space back because your business is growing? No problem; just provide notice to your guests. want to roll a month-to month agreement into somthing longer-term? Gotcha covered there too. We'll make you so adaptable, Darwin would be Proud.


Fill your unused space in 3 easy steps

3 easy steps


Starting at an empty office? Fill it with a Photographer or graphic designer that you continually outsource. Or maybe the hip new startup in town. You have complete control over who works in your space. Get ready for new opportunities and creative collisions you only dreamed of.

Celebrate your brand

Who doesn't like looking awesome? Celebrate your brand, culture, and space through your listing. It's our job to make you shine. Our experts will help with photography and give you personalized advice on showcasing your company. Welcome to the big stage.

Feel Safe and Secure

Your business comes first. That'why we take painstaking care when finding you the match. There's no greater risk opening your doors to a Guest then there is hiring a new employee, in fact there's less want a background check or hold a security deposit? You got it. Just check the box.