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  1. Do you focus on a specific geographic area within the country?
    Conego provides access to the network of coworking spaces within the major Indian cities.
    Via Conego you will have access to the country-wide network of coworking spaces that enables you to book your space and access the membership of the coworking space providers.

  2. Can I book a space using Conego?
    Conego provides a consolidated view of coworking spaces, facilities/amenities, plans, directions, review and feedback. Conego recommends the most suitable space for you based on your search criteria and puts you in touch with the relevant space provider for space booking and eventual onboarding.
    A typical space booking follows the journey of – Online Search, Touring the space, Booking the space and moving in.
    Conego enables users in their booking journey by providing a view of the various coworking spaces within the major Indian cities along with the plans and service offerings for each one of them.
    After touring the physical space, you are in touch with the space provider and can directly finalize and book space with them.

  3. How do I schedule a visit to the space I choose?
    To schedule a visit, you can either click on “Tour the space” link mentioned on each of the space providers which will send out a communication to the space provider. Alternatively you can also call them directly via the phone number provided.

  4. Am I charged for booking a space through Conego?
    There is no charge for searching a space through Conego. The intent is to provide you access to the most suitable coworking space based on your needs.

  5. We are a small startup company. Can I book space for all individuals within the company?
    Yes, you can book as many seats as needed provided they are available with the space provider. Conego provides a view of the coworking spaces and their plans but does not manage the inventory.

  6. What types of plans do these coworking spaces offer?
    Each coworking space has their own individual plan. Through Conego you can access all the plans for the various providers. A typical space provides you the opportunity to either rent a private office, a cubicle, semi-private office or a desk.

  7. What kind of infrastructure and facilities do the coworking spaces offer?
    All the relevant details around the facilities and infrastructure of the selected space are available on Conego.

  8. What are the standard hours of operation at the coworking spaces?
    The hours of operation are available on Conego and are specific to each space provider.

  9. What is the kind of community working out of these Coworking spaces?
    Coworking spaces provide shared workspace for entrepreneurs, startups, small companies, private businesses, professionals and freelancers.

  10. What kind of working atmosphere exists within the Coworking spaces?
    At a coworking space you will meet exciting people with interesting projects and common interests.  Most of the coworking spaces provide a social atmosphere. Productivity is an important factor in determining whether coworking is a good investment for a new potential member. Many people find they are able to be a lot more productive because it is such a professional, focused environment.

  11. Nearby facilities, commute, hotels etc.

  12. Virtual Office

  13. Benefits of working at coworking space in terms of Cloud services etc.

  14. Conego’s responsibility between Space providers and users

  1. What kind of events are available on Conego?
    Conego is not an event management company. We only list those events which are relevant to the startup ecosystem.
    For example, a lot of events are focused around technology, entrepreneurship, startups and the larger co-working community.

  2. If I want to attend an event listed on Conego, how do I book the event?
    Events listed on Conego provide a view of the events happening at the coworking spaces.
    To book your seat on an Event, you can either click on “Book a Seat” link mentioned on the event which will send out a communication to the event provider. Alternatively you can also call the space provider directly via the phone number provided.

  3. Are there any virtual events, webinars also available on Conego?
    Conego publishes the events calendar for the Mentor’s online sessions, Expert sessions on specific topics and other topics. Please refer to the events calendar to get the latest view.

  4. Can I specify or filter the events that I am interested in attending?
    Yes, you can search for event of interest to you based on a domain.

  5. Does the coworking spaces provide access to its members to the events or do you have to pay every time for attending an event?
    Most of the coworking spaces provide access to the events for its members free of cost. If you are planning to attend an event organized by another coworking space, we would recommend you to get in touch with the coworking space.

    Conego does not charge anything for attending a event.
  1. Is Conego for me?
    Depends on what you are looking for!
    If you're looking to Connect with like-minded people, build your Network and Grow your business, then CoNeGo is the right fit for you. Conego provides you with all that and more.

  2. 2. What about the privacy of the information that I share on Conego?
    Need to get answers from AppLozic – that becomes our privacy policy.
    We understand how important it is to keep your information confidential.
    Only you can access your data on the platform. Our Terms & Conditions signed at the beginning of the program guarantee the protection of your data.
    We will never share your project with anyone without your consent.

  3. Who are the mentors within Conego?
    Conego’s mentors come from a wide range of countries and industry background. The community includes working, retired and independent professionals, and staff from incubators and accelerators. They all share the same passion for entrepreneurship and for sharing their skills with others -- voluntarily! This ensures that they want the best for you, and will thus help you in the best ways they know how.

  4. I know a mentor that I would like to work with on Conego, can he/she join?
    We will be more than willing to onboard a mentor as long as he or she is aligned with the Conego’s philosophy of helping build the startup ecosystem. Please drop us a mail should you want to refer a mentor.

  5. Can I connect offline with the mentors for my specific needs?
    You can request for one-on-on sessions with the mentors via the Conego platform. We do not publish mentor’s contact details on Conego.

  6. How frequently do the mentors talk to the community?
    Mentors are part of the community to help you with your day to day queries. IN addition we will also be arranging fortnightly sessions on topics that are of interest to the community. We also regularly poll and find topics that are of interest to the community.

  7. What kind of Community rooms will I have access to?
    You will have a default access to a chat room based on your domain mentioned in the profile. As an example, if you run a Marketing agency and have experience in digital marketing, you will by default have access to the Marketing rooms.
    You are free to seek admission to all other chat rooms as per your interest.

  8. Why are there so many Community rooms?
    Each of the room represents a particular domain and hosts the community for that domain. Eg. The “Technology” chat room will have technologists having discussions around technology areas.

  9. Will the community rooms be monitored for unwarranted content?
    All rooms are monitored by an Administrator for any unwarranted content. The administrator’s job is to ensure that a civilized level of discourse prevails in all the community rooms.
    Having said that, Conego belongs to the Community. At the end of the day, a community is as good as its members. We are responsible that we keep the discussions focused to the relevant topic - Onus lies on all of us to ensure the platform is used in the right way. All offensive posts will be deleted and strong action taken against the offender.

  10. Can I create my own community room for my team?
    Conego’s vision is to connect all the islands of isolated startup communities with each other. Hence we want to promote engagement within the wider community. Through the network, you get specific advice related to your needs, a sounding board to bounce your ideas against, and an opportunity to trade and share skills across the network.
    Keeping the above in mind, we do not encourage closed individual rooms.

  11. Do you also have access to Investors who can invest in the startups?
    We do have access to a wide pool Investors and potential investors to whom the startups could potentially pitch their businesses.
    We are currently working on integrating the Investor module on-line with the wider community. This feature would be available in the future releases of Conego.